Lance R. Vick


Network security specialist, web developer, and general software mercenary. I work/play with a variety of languages (Bash, Python, PHP, Lua, Ruby, Perl, Java, Awk, TCL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, XML, XSLT, RSS, ATOM, JSON, C), frameworks/technologies (Django, Rails, Drupal, jQuery, Mootools, Nodejs, AJAX, Comet, AMQP, STOMP, XMPP), and platforms (Gentoo, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, OSX, Android, IOS, Blackberry). Also extensive experience with managing complex networks, firewall design, high-traffic web/mail servers, load-balancing, embedded Linux, POS systems, open source software migration/training, and mass data collection and processing.


Currently happily employed. Open to consulting and contract opportunities.


Open Source Migration, Web Development, Network Security, Network Penetration Testing, Firewall Design, Wireless Networking, Embedded Linux Development, LAMP Deployment,Network Planning, Load Balancing, Drupal, Django.


XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, CSS 2.0, LAMP, PHP 5, Red Hat Linux 9.0 General, Red Hat Linux 9.0 Admin, Unix, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Security, Networking concepts


  • CTO & Lead Developer

    Open Interactive, LLC

    (Privately Held; Programming & Interactive Marketing industry)

    May 2009Present

    In an effort to seek new and exiting projects and lots of diverse challenges, I began working for OPEN in May and they have never let me down when it comes to providing a steady stream of challenges. OPEN is constantly expanding into new and exciting areas ranging from mobile application development to innovative interactive marketing. It has been a fun and very and exciting ride so far. I am happy enough to say I am no longer accepting any job offers regardless of pay... however... if you can provide me with any of the items listed on my Wishlist you will be eligible for some short-term attention ;-)

  • Owner

    Cross-Technical, LLC.

    (Privately Held; Computer & Network Security industry)

    April 2008Present

    A company I founded which specializes in Linux and FOSS consulting/education, network security consulting, MESH wireless networking, and Linux network administration. We have a diverse network of specialists at our disposal to help tackle wide range of challenges in these areas of expertise.

  • Owner and System Administrator

    UdderWeb Hosting

    (Privately Held; Computer & Network Security industry

    February 2002Present

    UdderWeb is now a web-hosting subsidiary of my company Cross-Technical LLC. The company was founded totally out-of-pocket as a home for many of our personal, customer, and non-profit projects we have taken on in our journeys through the web.

    What started with a single server hosted in Texas, home to just a couple of sites, has since undergone numerous hardware changes and data centers to meet the ever increasing demand for many of the projects we have hosted.

    We have survived data centers falling apart around us, many severe DDOS attacks, dealing with lost hardware, and just about every other hosting horror story one can imagine. It has taken everything at our disposal to keep sites under our umbrella on-line and we gladly continue to do so. We now have our projects spread out on servers all across the world and have several dedicated volunteers helping us maintain the rather complex infrastructure that is "UdderWeb".

  • Sales Associate

    Radio Shack

    (Public Company; RSH; Retail industry)

    20072008 (1 year)

    When starting a company, you need to either start working somewhere else in order to save, or take out some formidable loans. I chose the former. Considering I wanted to be around technology and remain in the area, Radio Shack was a good fit. I frequented Radio Shack any time I was in a pinch and did not have time to order a part I needed. My having grown rather familiar with their inventory during my many visits had given me a good head-start. I very much enjoy explaining technology to people... so the position worked out exceptionally well.

  • IT Manager

    Tractor Factory Inc.

    (Farming industry)

    September 2006March 2007 (7 months)

    My tasks included keeping all employee machines updated and operational. I also wrote shell scripts to automate many of my tasks including file-conversions and mass mailings. In addition, I managed and maintained much of the company's documentation and set up a central file-server to increase productivity for employees at the main office. I remained in their employ until the branch was sold. I continue to help the company owners with IT related tasks on a regular basis.

  • System Administrator


    (Computer & Network Security industry)

    July 2001November 2005 (4 years 5 months)

    This was an interesting situation in which the owner of the company was in an IRC room quite distressed about an intruder who was using their primary Redhat Enterprise/Cpanel basedweb-server as an email relay to send out mass spam. Their ISP was going to pull the plug within 72 hours if the problem was not resolved.

    I volunteered to help. Given the urgency of the situation, I was entrusted with the root credentials. Within 2 days I had the server secure and the intruders/rootkits were removed.

    I assumed the part-time role as remote-administrator for the next 4 years until Holo-World was acquired by a education company.

  • PC Technician

    Budget PC

    (Computer & Network Security industry)

    January 2002May 2004 (2 years 5 months)

    I worked as an intern and I eventually became a primary PC/Server Technician over the course of 2 years.

    My tasks included assisting the senior tech in deploying company servers, building custom PC's for sale, and repairing customer machines both on-and off site.

    I remained in their employment until shortly before the company went out of business.


  • Ivy Tech

    Informational Technology, 20012002

    I attended to study for A+ certification and possibly an AS. Though I was making very good grades, I left having obtained A+ Certification and having not found the challenges or education I personally was expecting. I tend to be a self-motivated person and I am able to absorb information best at my own, typically fast, pace. I was home-schooled growing up and I was almost exclusively self-taught. This experience re-affirmed that self-education still works best for me.

    I also want to note that I am more than willing to gain any technical accreditation or certification an interested party desires I have, provided the interested party advances or reimburses any costs I expend in order to obtain said qualification(s).