Lance R. Vick

OpenID and why it matters

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OpenID is an amazing up and coming open source ( and corporate backed ) effort to accompolish a single goal: to have one login for most websites on the internet.

SourceForge Login

Thanks to services starting to adopt the OpenID protocal, the same account information you use for sites like Wordpress, Livejournal, Google, Blogger, Yahoo, AOL, AIM, MySpace (are we namedropping yet?) can now be used as OpenID logins to hundreds of other websites around the web.

The way it works is a site with OpenID support alows you to enter a special URL (Given to you by your OpenID provider. See links at bottom) and then the site you are logging into checks there to see if you are logged in with that provider currently. If you are, logs you right in, no further questions asked. If you are not yet logged in with your OpenID provider, you will be prompted by your provider to log in, then will be sent back to the page you came from and will find yourself logged in there as well. The whole thing is pretty transparent.

The time of keeping a dozen passwords just to navigate around your life on the web are finally coming to a close. Keep an eye out for OpenID logo on sites you regular.

Here are some resources to learn more about OpenID and sites that support it: "": (The main site for the OpenID project) "OpenID Directory(OpenID Directory)": (A massive index of sites that support OpenID)