Lance R. Vick

Convincing Random Polaroids with iMagick

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I would love to see people using more creative dynamic graphical effects in websites, however many of them can take ages to pull off by hand.

For instance, selecting 3 images from a series of folders at random, putting them all in a scene in your graphics editor of choice, adding borders, warp, dropshadow, saving it, then doing that all over and over again for hours on end, all so you could have a random photo arrangement to greet vistors to your website.

This is why I love automation. PHP and iMagick style in particular. The image you see on your right, was automatically generated using the code below.

Imagick is one of the easiest to use, worst documented, and most powerful tools in the arsenol of any graphics designer. Using just simple commands, you can come up with any repetitive effect you want and have it generated. Be creative, and help the web become more random and dynamic. Hopefully my example code here will help spark some ideas and give you some ideas of what iMagick is capable of.

Leave a comment if you find this useful, or have any input/questions!